Instantly Create a Product Video for Every Item You Sell

The Treepodia technology allows you to easily and effectively create unique videos for every item in your catalog

Unique E-commerce Experience

Millions of e-commerce videos created for on-line retailers and businesses such as Office Depot, WalMart, Lenovo and The Home Depot

Conversion Increases

Use highly attractive and effective product videos that act as sales reps to boost conversions by an average 15%. We guarantee 4x ROI with no long-term commitment

SEO Boost

The videos that we extract and create for you will be indexed by Google and Bing to increase overall page ranking and average time-on-site

Auto Conversion Optimization

A/B testing uses big data to automatically promote the video versions with the highest conversion rates

Multiply Your Audience

With personalized video marketing, showcase and expand your reach on Mobile, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook

Monitor shoppers’ behavior in real-time

Measure the performance of product videos, create detailed reports, and integrate with Google Analytics data

Find all the personalized elements in this video!


Dynamic Video Sitemap (DVS)

Guarantees major search engines fully index all video aspects including video title, description, duration, location and more

Mobile designed

Your audience can easily view Treepodia personalized videos on their mobile devices. Cross mobile format compatibility (e.g. iOS, Android) features responsive design for tablets and smart-phones

Clickable videos

Clickable videos can include embedded linked buttons that allow shoppers to immediately buy a product, see similar products liked by others, view best sellers and click other calls to action

Social share overlay

Make it easy for visitors to share product videos via social media through an overlay that features social media icons for Facebook, Pinterest and other platforms

Video Distributor

Automatically upload e-commerce videos to YouTube for greater exposure and valuable backlinks. Mass syndicate your videos on YouTube to reach your customers wherever they're searching

Web-based dashboard with video stats & conversion rate data

Upload, remove, or deactivate any video and monitor viewing trends, business performance and A/B test results on our dedicated video platform. Use Google Analytics to measure performance and cross-reference video performance videos with data from other marketing initiatives such as advertisements, newsletters and special promotions