About Us

Treepodia is transforming the brands of countless companies worldwide by specializing in personalized video marketing solutions, creating tailored videos for each and every customer

With hundreds of global clients including top 500 Internet Retailers, Treepodia is the leading provider of personalized video marketing solutions.

By catering to the emotional needs of clients, you can develop a unique personal connection with each customer by creating targeted videos that are tailored to their individual needs. Through loyalty video emails, personalized product videos, and targeted pre-roll video ad campaigns, we can help you bridge the gap between the impersonal generic videos that may not elicit a response from your clients, to a sophisticated suite of personalized video marketing solutions for every stage of your clients’ journey. This powerful video strategy will make your customers feel appreciated and valued as an individual.

With cutting-edge technology to create big data videos, the end result is a product that is simple to use and quick to deploy. Treepodia optimizes videos from any source and automatically promotes the one that is converting the most. With Treepodia, personalized video marketing has reached a whole new level.

Personalized, targeted videos provide clients with a feeling of exclusivity, of having a personal assistant that stays with them to support them along their journey through your on-line sites.